Critical Intervention (PhD thesis abstract)

Critical Intervention: An Archaeology of Modern Material Culture, Graffiti, and Government Policy in a Remote Aboriginal Community, Northern Territory, Australia I submitted my PhD a few weeks ago, so here is the abstract! Barunga is an Aboriginal community in Jawoyn Country, which is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. The community is home to around... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame: how a rebuilt cathedral could be just as wonderful

Claire Smith, Flinders University and Jordan Ralph, Flinders University The destruction of Notre Dame cathedral is lamentable. A wonderful icon has been largely destroyed by fire. However, we should not despair. Part of the reason this loss is so upsetting is because we are immersed in a Western way of thinking that equates authenticity with... Continue Reading →

Take me to the field

Welcome to my new blog site, thanks for visiting! I think this is about the third version of this site, after a few stumbles, I'm keen to get it off the ground and post more regularly. Really, I'm re-starting this blog as a way to channel my thoughts into something creative, and to help with... Continue Reading →

A grave omission: the quest to identify the dead in remote NT

Claire Smith, Flinders University; Gary Jackson, Flinders University, and Jordan Ralph, Flinders University It’s hard to believe, but in 2018 the vast majority of graves of Aboriginal people in remote Northern Territory communities are not recorded in any register. When someone dies they are buried, but there’s no written record of which grave belongs to... Continue Reading →

The road to fieldwork

At the beginning of June last year, I set off for Barunga from my home in Adelaide with Antoinette and Jasmine. We've made this trip a number of times before, but this one was a little different. Ant and I were going to live in Barunga for several months for my PhD fieldwork. Jasmine, on the... Continue Reading →

Contested spaces: the ‘long-grassers’, living private lives in public places

Kellie Pollard, Flinders University; Claire Smith, Flinders University, and Jordan Ralph, Flinders University This is the final article in The Conversation's Contested Spaces series. These pieces look at the conflicting uses, expectations and norms that people bring to public spaces, the clashes that result and how we can resolve these. The number of people in Australia... Continue Reading →

The markers of everyday racism in Australia

Claire Smith, Flinders University; Jordan Ralph, Flinders University, and Kellie Pollard, Flinders University While Australians value equality, our multicultural nation contains markers of racial discrimination. Some are so innocuous we may not recognise them. Experiencing racism is part of the everyday lives of many Australians. What is it like to negotiate daily life in a... Continue Reading →

Load up Adelaidia when you visit Adelaide – and step into the past

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. By Jordan Ralph, Flinders University Interpretive signage may be a thing of the past in Adelaide thanks to a new interactive mobile app and website from History SA. Launched in early 2014, Adelaidia puts the history of Adelaide’s CBD at the fingertips of... Continue Reading →

Not just cricket: protecting heritage at the Adelaide Oval

By Jordan Ralph, Flinders University This article was originally published at The Conversation. Read the original article. Mitchell Johnson lines up to bowl at the Cathedral end of the new-look Adelaide Oval. A slow clap resounds from the western grandstand of the partially redeveloped complex, in support of the Australian fast bowler. English captain Alastair Cook responds... Continue Reading →

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