Take me to the field

Welcome to my new blog site, thanks for visiting! I think this is about the third version of this site, after a few stumbles, I’m keen to get it off the ground and post more regularly. Really, I’m re-starting this blog as a way to channel my thoughts into something creative, and to help with my motivation for writing. As you can imagine, the daily grind of writing a PhD thesis can wear you down and turn you off of writing for good, but I do enjoy it and want to balance the banal academic writing with something a little more fun. Not only that, but it might help liven up my academic writing as well!

I’m not sure where the blog will go from here, though I do know I will write about some of my adventures in the field (hence the name!). I have a few other ideas around writing various series of posts dealing with different themes, like ‘animals in the field’ (I might get to the one about two very large bulls fighting over a love interest right next to my tent one night in the field…). My other ideas are reflections on my own research, ideas about archaeology, and tips for students. I often write for The Conversation, which allows republication of their articles. I’ve posted mine to Take Me to the Field and you can find them by selecting The Conversation in the Categories selection to the right.

Look out for my first post next week, about tips for commencing archaeology students!

Thanks for joining me on my blogging adventure!

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