My name is Jordan and I’m an archaeologist from Adelaide, Australia. I’ve been involved in archaeology for well over a decade as a student, heritage consultant, community organiser, and university tutor. I’ve been working with the Barunga community in the Northern Territory for just shy of a decade, where my relationship with the community lead me to start a PhD at Flinders University. I recently submitted my thesis, which was an archaeological investigation of contemporary material culture and graffiti in Barunga.

Beyond my research, I work as a heritage consultant in various parts of Australia and I volunteer my time for a number of organisations, particularly the World Archaeological Congress where I’m the membership secretary. I am also a sessional academic at Flinders University where I teach in the undergraduate archaeology programme, which includes topics such as introduction to archaeology, archaeological theory, archaeology of art, archaeology of modern society, as well as practical field schools.

I started this blog as a creative outlet to shape some of my ideas that don’t make it into my academic work.

About the blog name

I was wracking my brain trying to pick a name for the site, when I was housesitting for my supervisor. On the TV cabinet, I saw a plaque that read ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. Being office-bound for most of the year, that sentiment struck a chord with me: take me to the field!

Header image

I took this photo on one of my more recent drives north to Barunga from Adelaide. I love the long stretch of road in front of me. It reminds me I’m driving away from the stress of the city for a month or so of fieldwork in one of my favourite places in the world.

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